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Welcome to the energy-caucus wikidot site.

This wikidot site is a project of the Energy-Caucus group, aiming to gather and discuss wide range of text related to energy development in South Africa. The text contributed should be South african energy related articles written by a wide variety of different sectors. These sectors can range from small grassroots South African NGOs, larger international NGOs, the South African government, university researchers, foreign governments, foreign researchers and think-tanks, labour organizations, as well as international and regional political, economic and financial institutions, and also the commercial sector.


Information gathered on this wiki will be posted on the energy-caucus website which is currently being developed. To contribution energy related information, please click on one of the tabs above.

How to contribute information:

  • File upload - Click the "File" option on the bottom menu bar and upload the file you want to contribute from your computer in it's respective tab.
  • Text - Locate the corresponding tab in which you want to wite your text, create a new page in that tab and save it after populating it.
  • Discussions - Create a new forum for your topic if it does not exist yet, by clicking the "discuss" link on the bottom menu. You can also include links to documents or pages about the respective topic you want to share on the forum discussions.
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